Friday, February 18, 2011

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Not a novel I enjoyed at all. It never seemed to get to the point or deciding what it wanted to be. The characters were cardboard cut-outs that never seemed very interesting or fully formed the main character is a "barbarian" and that is about the sum total of her description of character. 

 The stories "political intrigue" is laughably ill formed for a veritable vipers nest of master tacticians (we are lead to believe) there seems to be almost nothing even attempted in the world building. This is most annoying as the world building that was done showed great potential and cool ideas. 
 The gods were almost so boring that the novel could have done without them all except Naha and the ball boy, the rest play no function beyond standing around. On the subject of Naha ok I get it he's a big scary dude who makes women weak at the knees I did not need to hear about his seductive qualities a hundred thousand times. I found myself skipping large portions where the story descended into mind numbing pages of romantic seductive nonsense between the barbarian girl and the "dark god" if I wanted a bodice ripper I would have opted for a mills and boon novel. 
 The pacing of the novel was entirely annoying with the main story stopping suddenly so our barbarian girl could have a conversation with herself about seemingly inane nonsense. This is explained towards the end of the book however in a rather novel and interesting way but it doesn't justify the annoyance to the pacing that it has leading up to that point. 
 It is almost galling that such a cool concept of gods held prisoner and used as weapons was executed so poorly as to turn me off reading the rest of the series, which I imagine would only get better.  

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